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Steven Silva Salazar

Full Professor of the Department of Humanities of the University Santo Tomas (Bogota , Colombia ). Degree in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas (2011 ) , graduated with Distinguished Thesis rating by the jury reader. He participated in the Training Program for Young Researchers of Instituto Pensar of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Interdisciplinary […]


Julio César Sepúlveda Carvajal

Candidate Ph.D in Philosophy. Universidad Nacional de Lanús (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Professional Political Studies and Conflict Resolution.  Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia). His doctoral thesis is entitled: Urban space in the work of Michel Foucault (Directed by Ph.D.  Silvia Grinberg).

Wilman Alexos Galeano

Bachelor in Philosophy and Master candidate in Philosophy, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellin. Professor of Social Anthropology of the Fundacion Universitaria Catolica del Norte. E-mail: profewilman@hotmail.com  

William Ceron

Bachelor in Philosophy, Master in Political Studies and Ph.D. in Philosophy of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Research Professor at Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana. Author of the book: “La filosofía política en Michel Foucault: una obra para repensar la política” (UNAULA, Colombia).   

Oliver Quijano Valencia

PhD candidate in Latin American Cultural Studies of the Universidad Andina “Simón Bolívar”. Professor at Universidad del Cauca Colombia.   E-mail: olver67@yahoo.com  

Leopoldo Múnera Ruiz

Lawyer and Master in Philosiphy of Law of the Universidad de Roma. Master in Social and Economic Development and Ph.D. in Political Science of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Associate Professor at Faculty of Law and Policial and Social Science of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 

Leonardo Valencia

Anthropologist of the Universidad de Caldas and Professor at Universidad del Pacífico (Colombia). Currently he is Master candidate in Enviromental Development, Universidad de Manizales. 


Karina S. Marín

Ph.D candidate in Literature, Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá). Scholar in Latin American literature and body studies. 

Juan Pablo Aranguren Romero

Psychologist of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Historian of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Master in Social Anthropology. Diploma in Political and Social Anthropology. Ph.D candidate in Social Science at FLACSO-Argentina.  E-mail: pablo.aranguren@conicet.gov.ar   

Juan Camilo Vásquez

Anthropologist of the Universidad de Antioquia, Master in Socio-spacial Studies of the Instituto de Estudios Regionales (INER-Universidad de Antioquia). Currently he is Research Professor at Social and Human Sciences Department of Universidad de Medellín.   

Jorge Eliécer Martínez Posada

Research Professor of the Universidad de la Salle, Colombia. Ph.D. in Philosophy at University of Barcelona and Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth from International Centre of Education and Human Development (CINDE), Universidad de Manizales. DEA in Philosophy, Universidad de Barcelona. Master in Social and Educational Development (CINDE) / Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. Bachelor in […]

John Uribe

Anthropologist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Master in Political Science at Universidad de los Andes. Ph.D. studies in Policial Studies of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.  

Hilderman Cardona

Bachelor in History and Master in History of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Professor and Researcher of the  Social and Human Sciences Department, Universidad de Medellín, Colombia.  

Giovanni M. Algarra Garzón

Bachelor in Philosophy of the Universidad del Rosario de Bogotá. Master in Philosophy of Science of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Scholar in social and philosophical studies in science and technology.  Contacto: algarrett63@hotmail.com

Edgar Novoa

Lawyer with specialization in public law of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Master in Regional Development at the Universidad de los Andes, DEA and Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Currently working as professor of the Bioethics Department in Universidad El Bosque and Department of Political Science in Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


David Mauricio Adriano Solodkow

Associate professor in Latin American Literature at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Ph.D.and MA. of the Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee). Research: “Etnógrafos coloniales: escritura, alteridad y eurocentrismo en la Conquista de América”. Certificate in Latin American Studies. His interest are biopolitics, literature and anthropology.

Daniel Toscano

Ph.D. in Philosophy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (CONICYT scholarship). Master in Philosophy and Master in Political Studies of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Colombia. Bachelor in Philosophy of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Member of research group on moral and political philosphy, Instituto Pensar de la Universidad Javeriana.   E-mai: dtoscano@javeriana.edu.co  

Adrián José Perea Acevedo

Professor in Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Colombia. Bachelor in Philosophy, Universidad Santo Tomás. Master in Philosophy of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a thesis on freedom, power and resistence in Michel Foucault’s thought. Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. His research interest are biopolitics and guvernamentality.  

Abdénago Yate-Arévalo

Ph.D. candidate in Bioethics of the Universidad El Bosque, Colombia. Master in Research of contemporary social problems of the Universidad Central, Colombia. Industrial Designer, researcher and author of several papers on ethics and biopolitics. 


Floro Hermes Gómez Pineda

Medical doctor, PhD in Political Studies. He is Research Professor of Social and Humanistic, Faculty of Health Sciences at the Free University in Cali, Colombia. His PhD thesis is: The conditions for a biopolitics in Colombia between 1904 and 1948. A Foucauldian reading.

Diego Paredes Goicochea

Master in Philosophy from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and currently a Ph.D.candidate at the same university. He has taught Political Philosophy at the Faculty ofHumanities of the Universidad Autónoma de Colombia, at the Department of Political Science of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Faculty of Law at the Universidad del Rosario.He is part of the research groups “Hermeneutics in Contemporary Philosophical Discussion”and “Aesthetics and Politics. ” He the author of La crítica de Nietzsche a la democracia[Nietzsche’s critique of democracy]  (Unal, 2009) and some articles and translations related with contemporary political philosophy. He is a research associate of […]

Carlos Pacheco Villegas

Educational professor of the Pedagogic National University, faculty of physical education, educational secretary of education of Bogota, Magíster in education, Specialist in Social Management of the Education, Licentiate in physical education. Belonging to the group of investigation Philosophy, Society and education.


Mario German Gil

PH D in philosophy. Full-time professor of Art and Humanidades’s Department of Santiago de Cali Colombia University. Publisher of the magazine “Con-texts” and principal of the area of philosophy of the same department. Leader of the group of investigations classified by “Colciencias”: Humanities and University. Member of the foundation for philosophy in Colombia and of […]

Juan Carlos Echeverri Álvarez

Historian of the Universidad Nacional of Colombia (Medellín) Master in History (Universidad Nacional of Colombia) Ph.D Candidate in Education (Interinstitutional agreement Universidad del Valle, PedagógicaNacional y Distrital Francisco José de Caldas) Professor at the Universidad PontificiaBolivariana, Coordinator of the Research Group Pedagogy and Didactics of Knowledge(PDS)  Publication in the topic  – Of Discipline to the indiscipline: […]

Ana María Calderón

Psychologist at the Catholic University of Pereira. Master’s Degree in Education from the Technological University of Pereira. Teaching of the Department of Humanities at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira and the Universidad San Sebastian (Chile). Has developed research projects on the processes of configuring the political subjectivity in educational settings and the constitution of the political […]


Laura Quintana

Ph.D. in philosophy at the Universidad Nacional, Colombia. Professor of philosophy at the Universidad de los Andes. Her areas of research are aesthetics and contemporary political philosophy. Her current research is centered on the work of Arendt, Agambe and Esposito on the theme of “identity, community and difference” in the context of biopolitics. E-mail: lauracqp@yahoo.com

Alexander Muriel Restrepo

Bachelor and Master in Philosophy of the Universidad del Valle, Colombia. Professor of the Universidad de San Buenaventura. Has been coordinator Interdisciplinary Center of Humanistic Studies of the Universidad San Buenaventura, Cali. E-mail: amuriel@usbcali.edu.co

Wilman Alexos Galeano

Licenciado en filosofia de la escuela de humanidades de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellin, candidato a Magister en filosofia de la misma universidad, docente de antropologia social de la fundacion universitaria catolica del norte, participo del grupo de investigacion de filosofia politica de la universidad de antioquia y del grupo “epimeleia” de la universidad pontificia bolivariana. mi […]