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Onur Kartal

Research Assistant at Department of Philosophy of Hacettepe University. I’m studying on a book project about biopolitics. In the first volume of this project I want to collect articles that focus on the philosophical roots of biopolitics. In this regard there are articles on Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas and Augustine, Spinoza, Hobbes, Marx, Nietzsche and Arendt. Some of […]


Utku Özmakas

Investigador Asistente en el Departamento de Filosofia en Hacettepe University. Es autor de Şiirimizde Milenyum Kuşağı (Millenium Age in Our Poetry, 2008) y Şiir İçin Paralaks (Parallax View For Poetry, 2013). Asimismo, es el traductor turco de Class Struggles de Dennis Dworkin, Marxism and Literary Criticism de Terry Eagleton, Biopolitics: An Advanced Introduction de Thomas Lemke and Hatred of Democracy de […]