Biopolitics Workshop – Society for the Study of Bio-political Futures

This workshop will form part of a series of meetings of the ‘Society for the Study of Bio-political Futures’ (SSBF) established by Gregg Lambert and Cary Wolfe at Syracuse University in 2013:

Foundation members of the SSBF included Paul Patton (UNSW) and current members include Miguel Vatter (UNSW), Simone Bignall (UNSW) and Dimitris Vardoulakis (UWS). The occasion for this workshop is the visit to UNSW of Cary Wolf and Gregg Lambert in February 2015.

SSBF meeting consist in readings of some papers and documents, either written or suggested by some of the participants. Nominated speakers will briefly speak to each of the readings at the beginning of each session, but the expectation will be that all participants will have read the e-book as a basis for free- flowing discussion on the selected topics. We aim to have the e-book ready by early in January 2015 so that it will be available to all participants no later than one month before the workshop.

Details of the topics for this workshop remain to be decided, but the general theme will be Biopolitics, Life and Law. We would welcome your suggestion for one reading related to this theme.

We do hope that you will be able to join us for what promises to be a productive and enjoyable workshop. Please rsvp

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