Cartography of Exhaustion


School of Humanities and Languages and the Biopolitical Research Network

Drawing on Nietzsche’s problematic of nihilism and the question of exhaustion that Deleuze finds in Beckett, this talk will attempt to trace some of the lines required for a cartography of exhaustion. This cartography will be developed in relation to conceptual pairs such as subjectivation/ desubjectivation, bare life/ a life, biopolitics/ biopower. It will touch on the perspectives of Deleuze, Foucault and Agamben, in each case in relation to our contemporary context.

Peter Pál Pelbart is a professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo and a member, with Suely Rolnik, of the Centre for the Study of Subjectivity. He is also coordinator of the Ueinzz Theater Company and translator of Deleuze and Guattari into Portugese. He has worked especially with the concepts of time, biopolitics, subjectivity, madness, community and with thinkers such as Guattari, Deleuze, Foucault, Nancy, Blanchot, Agamben. He has published inChiméres and Multitudes and his recent books include O tempo não-reconcilado (Perspectiva, 1998), A vertigem por um fio: Políticas da subjetividade contemporânea (Iluminuras, 2000), Vida Capital, (Iluminuras, 2003), Filosofia de la Desercion: Niilismo, Locura y Comunidad (Tinta Limon, 2009): Cartography of Exhaustion: Nihilism Inside Out, (São Paulo and Helsinki, n-1 Edições, 2013).

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