Mario German Gil


PH D in philosophy. Full-time professor of Art and Humanidades’s Department of Santiago de Cali Colombia University. Publisher of the magazine “Con-texts” and principal of the area of philosophy of the same department. Leader of the group of investigations classified by “Colciencias”: Humanities and University. Member of the foundation for philosophy in Colombia and of Biopolítica’s Net of Santiago de Chile. Participant in several events and congresses nationally and internationally. Recent books: Considerations about The Philosophical Attitude in the Modern Subject. Second edition. S and S. Madrid Spain. 2008. Nietzsche: The life like work of art. S and S. Madrid Spain. 2010. Biopolítica. Reflections on the individual’s gobernabilidad. Compilation. S and S. Madrid Spain. 2010. The arts of the existence: a matter of pedagogical order. Cali, Colombia. 2011.

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