Álvaro Garreaud

Anthropologist with studies in Chile, Mexico, Spain, and Germany.  He holds his PhD in Social Anthropology from Universidad de Barcelona (2010) with Doctor Europeus mention. He has participated in several researches, conferences and congress on prision systems and biopower in the contemporary society. Also he is member of the Research Group on Social Control and Exclusion GRECS […]


Julio César Sepúlveda Carvajal

Candidate Ph.D in Philosophy. Universidad Nacional de Lanús (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Professional Political Studies and Conflict Resolution.  Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia). His doctoral thesis is entitled: Urban space in the work of Michel Foucault (Directed by Ph.D.  Silvia Grinberg).


Ben Golder

Dr Ben Golder teaches courses on law and social theory, on public law, and on the politics of human rights, in the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales. He holds undergraduate law and English literature degrees from UNSW and a doctorate in legal theory from the University of London. He works […]

Ernesto Mieles-González

Ernesto Mieles-González is currently a PhD student of sociology at Free University of Berlin. The topic of his dissertation is “Legal Mobilization in Transitional Justice Settings”. He holds a Law degree and a Master’s in Law (MA) both from the National University of Colombia. He was a law clerk of the Constitutional Court of Colombia […]


William Callison

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science and a member of the DE in Critical Theory at the University of California, Berkeley. Currently a DAAD scholar at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, he is on the editorial board of the journal Qui Parle and co-organized (with Zachary Manfredi) the Neoliberalism + Biopolitics Conference at UC Berkeley in February 2015. […]

Luis Lobo-Guerrero

Professor of History and theory of International Relations. Member of the advisory board of the Research Institute for the Study of Culture. Member of the editorial boards of the Journal Security Dialogue, Journal of Internvention and State Building, and Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses. Member of the international advisory board of Revista Pléyade (Chile).


Irus Braverman

Professor of Law and Adjunct Professor of Geography at SUNY Buffalo Law School. Braverman is the author of House Demolitions in East Jerusalem: ‘Illegality’ and Resistance (2004), Planted Flags: Trees, Land, and Law in Israel/Palestine (2009), Zooland: The Institution of Captivity (2012), and Wild Life: The Institution of Nature (2015). Braverman also co-edited The Expanding Spaces of Law: A Timely Legal Geography (2014), and is […]


Utku Özmakas

Research Assistant at Department of Philosophy at Hacettepe University. He is the author of Şiirimizde Milenyum Kuşağı (Millenium Age in Our Poetry, 2008) and Şiir İçin Paralaks (Parallax View For Poetry, 2013). Besides, he is the Turkish translator of Class Struggles by Dennis Dworkin, Marxism and Literary Criticism by Terry Eagleton, Biopolitics: An Advanced Introduction […]


Benjamín Ortega

Graduated in Political Science and Public Administration with the next Research Project “Biopolitics of torture: The cases of prisons at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib” (UAQ). Master’s degree in Contemporary Philosophy Applied (UAQ). Topics of interest include: biopolitics, State violence, aesthetics, security. Teaches the course: “Policy on life : power, security and violence.”


João Marcos de Araújo Braga Júnior

Graduated in Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (2002). He has a Master’s degree in Philosophy (Social Philosophy and Ethics) from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (2005) and a PhD in Law (Philosophy of Law) from Universidade de São Paulo (2009). He has experience in the following research areas: Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Political […]


Antonio Campillo

Philosopher and sociologist, Professor of Philosophy at the Universidad de Murcia (Spain) and director of the journal Daimon. Revista Internacional de Filosofía, where he has coordinated special editions on Arendt, Canetti and Foucault. He has been a visiting researcher at the Centre Michel Foucault in Paris and at the CSIC Instituto de Filosofía in Madrid. […]


Marc De Leeuw

Phone: +61 2 9385 9531

Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. He previously lectured philosophy at Macquirie university and was a Junior Visiting Fellow at the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale university. He is the author of Homo Capax. Paul Ricoeur’s Renewal of Philosophical Anthropology (forthcoming), and is currently working on a […]


Jorge Vélez Vega

Graduated in psychology (UAEH) and philosophy (UAQ). Currently studying the Master’s degree in political philosophy (UNAM ). He is currently a professor and researcher at the Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico . Topics of interest include: biopolitics , bioethics, ethics and political philosophy, the boundaries of the human and the nonhuman , post-humanism , security […]


Ariadna Estévez

Ariadna Estévez has a PhD in International Relations and Human Rights (University of Sussex, UK), an MA in Political Sociology (City University, UK) and a first degree in Journalism and Mass Media (National Autonomous University of Mexico). Currently she works as a full time researcher at the Centre for Research on North America of the […]

Lauri Siisiäinen

Researcher in Political Science, University of Jyväskylä, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. Doctoral thesis title: Foucault’ s Voices:- Toward the Political Genealogy of the “Sonorous/auditory” is being finished, the defence of the study will be take place during theautumn 2009, or the in the early 2010. Special areas of interest: biopolitics and the sensorium, […]

Ludger Schwarte

Professor in Philosophy at University of Basel. His research and teaching interest are the image theory. He is author and editor of many papers on philosophy of art, public space and the relationship between body, politics and sciences.

Michaela Mayrhofer

Studied Political Science and History at the University of Vienna (Austria). In 2001/2, through the Erasmus Exchange Program, she spent the academic year at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). In 2002, she became Tutor in Sociology at the Technical University in Vienna. In the following year, she became Student Assistant of Herbert Gottweis at […]


Arthur Bradley

Reader in Comparative Literature at Lancaster University, UK. He has research interests in critical and cultural theory with a particular focus upon literature, biopolitics, political theology. He is the author of four monographs including Negative Theology and Modern French Philosophy (2004) andOriginary Technicity: The Theory of Technology from Marx to Derrida (2011). He is also the editor of the […]

María Luisa Bacarlett

Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México, with doctoral studies at Universidad París VII, France, and the Universidad de Alicante, Spain. Currently is research professor of the Faculty of Humanities, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Has published two books: “Friedrich Nietzsche: la vida, el cuerpo y la enfermedad” (UAEM, 2006) […]

Efrén Hernández

Bachelor in Political Sciences and Master in Humanities of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM)-Unidad Iztapalapa (México). Ph.D candidate in Social Sciences and Humanities of the same university. His research interests are moral and political philosophy, biopolitics and critical theory.   Correo electrónico:  

Edgar Ortíz Arellano

Ph.D in Strategic Managment and Develompent Policy of the Universidad Anáhuac. Master in Administration and Bachelor in Political Science. Currently is professor of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Also is director of the academic journal Social Sciences and Humanities. International Academic Journal. His research project is on biopolitics and global domination.

César Velázquez Becerril

Research Professor of the Department of Politics and Culture at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco (UAM–X), México. Philosopher, political scientis and Ph.D. in Social Sciences. His research interests are biopolitics, body and ontology.

Ángel Álvarez Solís

Coordinator of the postgraduate program in Humanities at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-México. Bachelor in Philosophy and Master in Political Philosophy from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa. Currently he is Ph.D. candidate in Humanities for the same University. 

Courtney Mason

Courtney completed his PhD at the University of Alberta where he studied the displacement of Nakoda peoples in the formation of the Rocky Mountain National Parks. Along with colonial power relations, he examined the impacts on health, education and culture in Nakoda communities. He currently works with the Indigenous Health Research Group at the University […]


Oscar Fernández

Professor in Natural Sciences of the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental libertador, currently researcher level 1. His research is entitled: “Teoría meta compleja del pensamiento biológico desde la perspectiva compleja”.  His interest are the relationship between biology and society.


Pablo Martín Méndez

Bachelor in Political Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Ph.D. in Philosophy (Universidad Nacional de Lanús, Argentina). Has publish different articles and book chapters on disciplinary societies in sociedades in Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Italian Theory. 

Susana Murillo

Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Master in Scientific Policy, Bachelor in Psychology and Professor in Philosophy of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Professor at sociology program UBA. Has published El discurso de Foucault . Estado, locura y  anormalidad en la construcción del individuo moderno  and other books. 

Sonia Alvarez Leguizamón

Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Master in Sociology of Development and Bachelor in Social Work. Professor in Urban Anthropology of the Faculty of Humanities, Universidad Nacional de Salta in Argentina. His research interests are social policies and the discourse on Human Delevolpment in biopolitics context.

Senda Inés Sferco

Ph.D in Philosophy (Paris VIII) and Ph.D. in Social Sciences (UNQ), Bachelor in Anthropology (UNR) and postgraduate in Cultural and Artistic Studies STSI-ISI (Bali, Indonesia). His doctoral thesis was “Figuras y conceptos del tiempo en el pensamiento contemporáneo: kairós, actualidad, acontecimiento”. Has developed researches on contemporary philosophy, especially Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Walter Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben  E-mail: […]